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24 Seven Electrical Services offers a first class service guarantee for all your home and business electrical needs.

and including

For all your indoor & outdoor lighting needs, including down lights, led's, garden lighting and sensors

Wired smoke alarms are connected to the consumer power mains as well as having a battery backup in case of power failure. Smoke alarms are a crucial part of any home, make sure your family has maximum protection.

Switchboard upgrade

Upgrade your old switchboard to the latest and safest in switchboard technology. The reason you should upgrade your old switchboard is that they were not designed for the heavy demand of today's consumers. Your old boards are not equipped with the latest in safety protection technology, and finally over years and years the old switchboards have degraded to quite often a dangerous level.

24 Seven Electrical Services can give you professional advice on positioning your fan to maximise its effect. Stay cool this summer with a ceiling fan.

Single and three phase whole house surge protection 24 Seven Electrical Services will provide you protection for your whole house by adding a surge arrestor at your main switchboard.

We are available 24 hours 7 days a week for any emergency you may experience.

Service within one hour, Guaranteed.

Breakdown of electrical systems and appliances doesn’t come with a warning. An electrical emergency can happen anytime and anywhere.

Therefore 24 Seven Electrical Services provides after hours electrician services to all homes and businesess across Sydney, since we understand in our city, a minute without electricity is very hard.

We are proud to state that we provide all electrical services on emergency basis. So regardless of what kind of electrical issues you have, or what time it is, we’ll be there to serve you.

Sparking, Arcing, Smoking or Crackling Sounds

Electrical devices such as outlets, switches, lights and switchboard should NOT have arcing (a sudden flash), crackling sounds, humming noises, smoke, odd burnt plastic or other unusual electrical smell coming from them.
If experiencing any of these, it could mean your home electrical system is in imminent danger of an electrical fire. Call us now, we are around the corner.